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Men's Arris Jacket
Men's Arris Jacket

Men's Arris Jacket



This 3-layer GORE-TEX jacket was developed as the ideal shell for skiers. Unique features include a dedicated pocket to protect electronic devices from harsh conditions and seam-free armholes for extra comfort out on the snow.


  •  3-layer GORE-TEX is waterproof, breathable, and durable.
  • Understated [ARROWS] motif serves as a design accent throughout.
  • Aerogel-lined pocket for electronic devices offers thermal insulation and shock-protection.
  • Detachable chamois cloth for cleaning the lenses of goggles, sunglasses, etc.
  • Wide cuffs for improved wrist support.
  • Zippers and large pockets provide access to jacket’s interior.
  • Hood can be magnetically secured when not in use to prevent flapping while skiing.
  • Cohesive stoppers offer ease-of-use and a unified look.


Fabric: GORE-TEX 3L (front: 100% polyester / middle: Fluorine Film / lining: 100% polyester)